Find Your Gap smart parking solutions for today's Smart City: Effective parking space management, less traffic, less pollution, quick to install, easy to maintain, fast RoI, no external power! Green!


Todays cities suffer from car traffic. But space for cars is limited and can not be extended easily. Streets are already full of cars parking on both sides of the street.


The result: Cars circling for parking space increase traffic and pollution while car drivers get frustrated; company vans stuck in traffic. Often, driving within the city to reach a destination takes the same time as finding a parking space. There is no data finding a parking space or data for parking lot turnaround or standing times.

Find Your Gap parking sensors help the city to find an optimum way to supports its parking strategy: If it is to show available parking in an App, analyse statistics on parking turnaround or monitor the impact of parking on traffic measures.


Find Your Gap sensors provide everything you need for effective parking space management.

The Find Your Gap sensor can be positioned next to street lighting. Each sensor can monitor up to 20 parking spaces. Installation up to full operation does not take longer than 20 mins. There is no need for digging and there is no extra infrastructure required.


For large scale parking spaces like malls or supermarkets Find Your Gap offers 360 degree sensors covering 1500 square meter of parking space. Find Your Gap smart parking sensors are the first choice for open air parking space management.


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Serial entrepreneur, founder of Andromeda Software, REMS Software, cofounder of east real with locations in Germany, Austria, Russia, CEE.


As CTO, Juergen is mastermind for the sensors technology.




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